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Re: pkgsrc bootstrap fails on Cygwin

"hung.nguyengia" <> writes:

> I read the document and found pkgsrc has support for Cygwin. So I give it a try.

It is likely that fairly few people use this.

> It's latest Cygwin x86_64 on Windows 7. The bootstrap failed with this error:
> ./bootstrap: line 277: -lbcrypt: command not found
> ===> exited with status 127
> aborted.
> I fire up setup-x86_64.exe again and install bcrypt. This doesn't have any effect. The bootstrap failed with exactly the same error.

Someone -- perhaps you -- is going to have to dig in to the code, with a
knowledge of make and shell programming.   I suggest tha you first learn
sh(1) programming if you have not already (which is out of scope for
netbsd lists), and the read the bootstrap script and run it with -x so
you can see what's going on.   A hint is that this sort of error can be
caused by a variable that is unexpectedly undefined.   A toy example is

$(CC) $(LIBS) ...

and if CC is empty and LIBS starts with -lbcrypt, you get the above
rather than "error: CC is empty".

I don't use Windows, so I won't be trying to figure out and fix this.

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