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Re: devel/libuv configure error: stops building wm/icewm14 and wm/jwm

I tried building devel/libuv on the other hard drive, which had much less installed, and that was successful.

I might also want to try on the other computer.

But with much less installed, lang/python38 had not yet been installed.

I remembered to run

dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/random bs=32 count=1
sysctl -w kern.entropy.consolidate=1

When I tried to build and install mail/mutt, system crashed after getting almost all the way through dependency mail/mutt .

I tried again after rebooting, this time only lang/python38, again got almost all the way through before crashing.

This has been on amd64, I can only guess i386 would pose the same problems.


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