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Re: wip: Initial import of Starship

On Tue, Jun 15, 2021 at 07:54:00PM +0000, voidpin wrote:
Unfortunately, there's at least another issue. Just tried building it on
NetBSD-9.99.85 amd64 and I'm hitting an already known issue, the battery
crate has no support for NetBSD implemented, see

Thanks for the update. That issue looks like a bit more work to fix,
although probably not a /huge/ effort as rust-plist has NetBSD support and
my naive reading of things suggests that it's "just" a matter of using the
same approach as envstat(8) does, using ioctl to read from /dev/sysmon and
processing the returned plist.

In the meantime, perhaps I should restrict the allowed platforms in the
wip/starship package?

Cheers, MJ
Michael-John Turner * *

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