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Re: wip: Initial import of Starship

Hi Michael!

On 15.06.2021, at 13:07, Michael-John Turner <> wrote:

I've imported an initial package for Starship[1], the cross-shell prompt
enhancer, into WIP. It can be found in starship/.

As this is my first Rust package, feedback is most welcome.

Thanks for the package!

I simplified the package a bit and moved the cargo variables to a separate file, since that’s what we do to keep the Makefile smaller and more readable.

I couldn’t actually get it to compile though on NetBSD-9.99.85/amd64:

error[E0425]: cannot find function `waitid` in crate `libc`
   --> /scratch/wip/starship/work/vendor/process_control-3.0.1/src/
159 |                     libc::waitid(
    |                           ^^^^^^ help: a function with a similar name exists: `waitpid`
   ::: /scratch/wip/starship/work/vendor/libc-0.2.94/src/unix/
913 |     pub fn waitpid(pid: pid_t, status: *mut ::c_int, options: ::c_int) -> pid_t;
    |     ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- similarly named function `waitpid` defined here

   Compiling versions v3.0.1
error: aborting due to previous error

For more information about this error, try `rustc --explain E0425`.
error: could not compile `process_control`


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