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Re: removal of devel/SOPE4, www/SOGo4

"J. Lewis Muir" <> writes:

> On 06/14, Greg Troxel wrote:
>> SOPE5 has been added, replacing the no-longer-maintained 4.  I'm about
>> to add www/SOGo5, similarly.  THe updates were prepared by Dima Veselov.
>> Therefore I am proposing removal of SOPE4/SOGo4, after the branch.  If
>> you are using them, know someone who is using them, etc., please speak
>> up.
> Does pkgsrc have any standard on package name case?  I ask because
> of seeing "www/SOGo5" and "SOPE4/SOGo4" here.  It would seem nice to
> me if all package names were all-lowercase, and since I know they're
> not all this way, it would seem nice if new packages were named using
> all-lowercase, but I don't know whether that's considered to be best
> practice and documented in any pkgsrc documentation or reported by
> pkglint.  Certainly there are packages with all-lowercase names that
> represent projects with names that are not normally all lowercase (e.g.,
> lang/openjdk11 [OpenJDK 11], lang/python [Python], lang/ruby [Ruby],
> etc.), so it feels intentional that they have all-lowercase package
> names.  Anyway, this is all to say, what about a new package name of
> "www/sogo5"?

We don't really have norms, other than (informally obtaining them from

  don't rename

  follow upstream

  lower-casing is ok when that's a reasonable thing to do in light of
  upstream practices and other packaging system practices

In this case:

  Uptream uses "SOGo" in their web pages and download names

  SOGo existeds twice in pkgsrc as www/SOGo and www/SOGo4,
  so it seems obvious to add SOGo5.

  The alternative would be to rename the existing packages, and that
  fails the "don't rename without a good reason" test.

  I was trying to do minimal work to help someone with an update, for a
  package I don't use.

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