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Re: What's the best way to feedback pkgsrc for FreeBSD

On 11.06.21 03:17, Yoshihiro Ota wrote:

> What's the best way to feedback changes for FreeBSD?
> I reported a couple via gnats some days ago but haven't got any feedbacks. > Given FreeBSD wasn't in one of the primaries, I'm wondering if anyone will even take a look.

Hi Yoshihiro,

It's great that you're trying to improve pkgsrc. You're already doing it
the best way. I don't know if any of the pkgsrc devs use FreeBSD; that
might be the reason feedback has been slow.

I can take a look at your patches, but I'm not experienced enough to
review them. Hopefully someone else shows up :)

If you're interested, you can apply for pkgsrc-wip commit access [0].
That would allow you to maintain and share your own packages.

Feel free to also hop by in IRC at #pkgsrc on



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