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Re: Any seamonkey users?

Михаил wrote:
Peter Lai wrote:
On Sat, May 15, 2021 at 3:48 AM Thomas Mueller <> wrote:

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I've been trying pkgsrc on FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE i386.

After the cyclic dependency is resolved, I was able to build www/seamonkey.
However, seamonkey crashes during start up.
I'm wondering if anyone uses seamonkey on NetBSD or FreeBSD.


I use Seamonkey on FreeBSD, but that was from FreeBSD ports and is now an old version (2.49?) on an old version of FreeBSD (11.1-STABLE).

I also had Seamonkey and Firefox on NetBSD, but that was lost when pkg_update went awry and destroyed many packages.

I have become disenchanted with FreeBSD with the recent changes, never really liked the dialog4ports, much prefer to put options in /etc/mk.conf as is done with pkgsrc, or /etc/make.conf in Gentoo Linux Portage.

Not to dive into a FreeBSD Ports discussion but port-mgmt/portconf
provides options knob tuning in /usr/local/etc/ports.conf and in
addition you can indeed set ports build options in /etc/mk.conf as
well now, dialog4ports is only required for interactive `make config`.

Actually I use it sometimes(e.g. right now - im writing this in seamonkey mail on netbsd.) It's not usual choice for me, but now I have some troubles with firefox(trying to fix it, but still unsuccessfully...) So there are no many options for using more or less modern web sites....

Troubles that I've got with ff is the following...:
Firefox 52 - still works ok.
ESR/84 - gives a lot of PAX errors, and gets blocked(nothing works). Already tried reinstalling, removing completely .mozilla directory from $HOME-it doesn't help. Explicitly disabling PAX gave no results too.. I guess it could be related to last changes in kernel(started using slightly newer version recently, to check it's stability first...) I'm gonna to boot my old kernel now and run ff on it...
If it's not the reason - well, I have no other ideas what it could be(

But seamonkey works fine(though many modern websites doesn't work properly with it)

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