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Re: State of opensmtpd?

Mark Carroll <> writes:

You are writing to the right place.

My memory, which is consistent with the repo's current state, is that
opensmtpd was dropped from pkgsrc because the most recent release does
not build with openssl 1.1.  pkgsrc has moved to 1.1, so building
something in pkgsrc with 1.0 is just going to be painful.

In wip, there is a version of opensmtpd.   I'd expect that's a version
that isn't a release -- and thus not really eligible for pkgsrc proper
-- but that works with 1.1

> I guess that there isn't an easy way to just pull in a previous version
> to get it running on a new 9.1 install. Is my best course to just wait a

There isn't, because it will want openssl 1.0.   If you just want to
"cvs up -D 2020-01-01" of some package - and it builds with the rest of
current pkgsrc, you can get away with that.

You should be able to use your old packages on a new 9.1 system.  The
rule for pkgsrc and /usr/pkg is that it has to be from the same source
tree; it doesn't neeed to be the latest (except old versions don't get
security fixes).

> couple of weeks (or watch some list for news) then try again? Or, if
> building from source from some specific branch is the way to get an
> OpenSMTPD that will run on my 9.1 servers, I can figure my way through
> that, I can temporarily mount my large-but-empty mail spool partition at
> /usr/pkgsrc/ for that effort. (-:

It wshould be possible to install most things from pkgsrc 2021Q1, and
build oepnsmtp from wip, perhaps updating the wip package as you do
that.  This is kind of like building opensmtpd from source, but you get
to start with what others have done, and have the files managed by the
packaging system.

> I am starting to fear that I may be unusual in running OpenSMTPD on
> NetBSD: I'm hoping that, in this upgrade, I don't have to try to port my
> config to a different MTA. If I must then any suggestions for
> closest-neighbor would be welcome, though
> /says/ it works on NetBSD.

THe real question is "Does the most recent formal release work on NetBSD
when compiled against the current version of openssl".  There is a
regrettable modern trend (and I'm not pointing specifically at this
package) to think that formal releases are not important  and that
people can just get the latest from git.

Overall, I suspect you are in fact somewhat unusual.  My impression is
that most people use postfix, or at least that postfix is the standard
approach.   I'm not trying to talk you out of it, but you may find
yourself being the pkgsrc package maintainer of opensmtpd.   A lot of us
end up there for one package or another.

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