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State of opensmtpd?

Hello! I hope that this is the right place and I did not miss the
obvious. I am trying to finally get my old NetBSD-based mail servers up
to date and their config is OpenSMTPD-based. However, my usual binary
pull from the x86_64 CDN for NetBSD 9.0 or 9.1 isn't finding opensmtpd.
I do not quite know how to work the various websites but some poking
around seems to suggest that there was some issue with an older version
running against OpenSSL and a new version is coming via WIP.

I guess that there isn't an easy way to just pull in a previous version
to get it running on a new 9.1 install. Is my best course to just wait a
couple of weeks (or watch some list for news) then try again? Or, if
building from source from some specific branch is the way to get an
OpenSMTPD that will run on my 9.1 servers, I can figure my way through
that, I can temporarily mount my large-but-empty mail spool partition at
/usr/pkgsrc/ for that effort. (-:

I am starting to fear that I may be unusual in running OpenSMTPD on
NetBSD: I'm hoping that, in this upgrade, I don't have to try to port my
config to a different MTA. If I must then any suggestions for
closest-neighbor would be welcome, though /says/ it works on NetBSD.

-- Mark

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