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Re: wip/freerdp (2.1.2): run time fatal on netbsd-9.1

Le sam. 1 mai 2021 à 20:48, Jaromír Doleček
<> a écrit :
> Le sam. 1 mai 2021 à 18:35, <> a écrit :
> > xfreerdp2 as built out of wip/freerdp within 2020Q4 build tree, netbsd/amd64 9.1, connects, asks for password, creates an X window and closes it immediately with
> > [18:25:17:240] [9163:92a72000] [ERROR][com.winpr.synch.timer] - InitializeWaitableTimer: os specific implementation is missing
> >
> > Detailed message trail below.
> TL;DR freerdp timers support only Linux and macOS.
> InitializeWaitableTimer() uses Linux-only timerfd_create(2) when it
> needs a timer with completion routine, and if there is not one, it
> does some custom logic for macOS. If completion routine is not needed,
> it optionally uses timer_create(3), which NetBSD does support. Both
> branches have the same message.
> Just to confirm which branch it is hitting, can you send an excerpt
> from the freerdp configure, see if it found the timer_create(),
> timer_delete(), timer_settime() and timer_getting()?
> FYI I've updated wip/freerdp to 2.3.2, but sadly the timer code seems
> to be the same as in 2.0.0rc4.

I got confused by net/freerdp2 vs wip/freerdp.

I've actually now removed the wip one, my upgrade was not really
working due to some PLIST/compile issues on NetBSD anyway, and
net/freerdp2 is a newer version than original wip/freerdp 2.0.0rc4.

I'm now looking at what is going on there. I confirmed it's taking the
'argument' path, i.e. one requiring timerfd_create(2) on Linux, or

Apparently FreeBSD has this in ports without special patches for this
code, so I'm trying to figure what exactly triggers the failure on

Eventually I want to update net/freerdp2 to the newest version, and
make it work on macOS too, but that after it actually works on NetBSD.


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