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wip/freerdp (2.1.2): run time fatal on netbsd-9.1


xfreerdp2 as built out of wip/freerdp within 2020Q4 build tree, netbsd/amd64 9.1, connects, asks for password, creates an X window and closes it immediately with
[18:25:17:240] [9163:92a72000] [ERROR][com.winpr.synch.timer] - InitializeWaitableTimer: os specific implementation is missing

Detailed message trail below.

Given that freerdp1 (net/freerdp) is marked BROKEN with openssl 1.1, does
maybe somebody already have a patch to fix this?


henrietta$ xfreerdp2 /u:ignatios /d:bit /
[18:25:08:575] [9163:92a72000] [INFO][com.freerdp.core] - freerdp_connect:freerdp_set_last_error_ex resetting error state
[18:25:08:576] [9163:92a72000] [INFO][com.freerdp.client.common.cmdline] - loading channelEx rdpdr
[18:25:08:576] [9163:92a72000] [INFO][com.freerdp.client.common.cmdline] - loading channelEx rdpsnd
[18:25:08:576] [9163:92a72000] [INFO][com.freerdp.client.common.cmdline] - loading channelEx cliprdr
[18:25:08:588] [9163:92a72000] [INFO][com.freerdp.client.x11] - Property 367 does not exist
[18:25:08:981] [9163:92a72000] [INFO][com.freerdp.primitives] - primitives autodetect, using optimized
[18:25:08:002] [9163:92a72000] [INFO][com.freerdp.core] - freerdp_tcp_is_hostname_resolvable:freerdp_set_last_error_ex resetting error state
[18:25:08:004] [9163:92a72000] [INFO][com.freerdp.core] - freerdp_tcp_connect:freerdp_set_last_error_ex resetting error state
[18:25:08:181] [9163:92a72000] [WARN][com.freerdp.crypto] - Certificate verification failure 'unable to get local issuer certificate (20)' at stack position 0
[18:25:08:181] [9163:92a72000] [WARN][com.freerdp.crypto] - CN =
[18:25:17:213] [9163:92a72000] [INFO][com.freerdp.gdi] - Local framebuffer format  PIXEL_FORMAT_BGRX32
[18:25:17:213] [9163:92a72000] [INFO][com.freerdp.gdi] - Remote framebuffer format PIXEL_FORMAT_RGB16
[18:25:17:237] [9163:92a72000] [INFO][com.winpr.clipboard] - initialized POSIX local file subsystem
[18:25:17:240] [9163:92a72000] [INFO][com.freerdp.channels.rdpsnd.client] - [static] Loaded fake backend for rdpsnd
[18:25:17:240] [9163:92a72000] [ERROR][com.winpr.synch.timer] - InitializeWaitableTimer: os specific implementation is missing

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