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Re: Small bounty for recent version of mariadb in pkgsrc

On Tue, 27 Apr 2021 at 12:57, nia <> wrote:
> Hi David. Last year, I imported mariadb104 to wip. It builds on
> NetBSD/amd64, but I didn't feel confident importing it without further
> testing, and I lack an application to test with myself. I don't remember
> many other people stepping forward who were interested, so I stopped working
> on it, but we can resume updating it if you have any suggestions for
> what needs improving, and ways to move forward.

Hi nia

Excellent stuff - I took a quick look but seems like remote have moved
the distfile (bad remote, no cookie)

Looks like the patches would need to be updated for 10.4.18 (or 10.5.x
if we want to keep up with the cool kids) - if you had time to poke at
it I'd be delighted to follow that with a short, victorious test
hopefully resulting in an entry in the main pkgsrc :)



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