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Re: libstdc++ conflict when building libreoffice

On Thu, 22 Apr 2021 at 17:07, nia <> wrote:
> On Thu, Apr 22, 2021 at 09:30:02PM +0530, Mayuresh wrote:
> > On Thu, Apr 22, 2021 at 03:49:37PM +0100, Patrick Welche wrote:
> > > First "make replace" in devel/libcppunit ?
> >
> > Yes, thanks.
> > --
> > Mayuresh
> I suspect most of the problems you've reported recently have been
> the result of an inconsistent pkgsrc installation. Please run
> pkg_rolling-replace, especially if you've changed any settings or
> updated OS versions.

pkg_rolling-replace will fail to go through all replacements if
'pkg_chk -uq'  fails at some stage - when one uses -k switch, at least
(my rolling replaces sometimes carry on for two-three days without any
control, so I prefer to use -k, although that obviously introduces
other potential problems). But if one runs first 'pkg_admin
rebuild-tree', then makes sure 'pkg_chk -uq' finishes to the end, then
there is a good chance the rolling-replace will be ok. This may
further be made even more difficult by adding packages from wip, some
of which tend to come and go. Of course, one has to check carefully
the cvs update output for locally introduced conflicts - I've also had
plenty of these. All in all, it is not a bad idea from time to time to
completely refresh the pkgsrc tree and start from scratch. Add to the
mix running everything under -current, py[23][789]-??? etc.


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