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Pbulk scan phase acceleration with tmpfs?

Hello all,

I regularly use pbulk to maintain my local PKG repository. Along the way, it has also proven to be a useful tool for testing PKGs in development, as it allows me to verify in a reproducible environment that all dependencies of a PKG are indeed defined.

For the latter case, the scan phase proves to be a time killer. I don't want to do without it, as I am aware of the importance of this phase for the correct mapping of build options etc.

At the moment I have my build sandboxes on an SSD with ZFS, I also create snapshots from time to time and I have the feeling that the scan phase takes longer and longer - even for limited bulk builds with a few hundret of packages.

So what came to my mind - would it make a significant difference if I keep the pkgsrc structure of the sandboxes ready in the host's tmpfs and mount it to the sandbox? Then this filesystem would be served quasi from RAM - of which there would also be enough available. Does anyone have experience with this?

Kind regards

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