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Re: seamonkey

On Fri, 19 Mar 2021, Chavdar Ivanov wrote:

FWIW I built today the latest seamonkey under today's -current amd64; my default python is 3.7. I only had to add a single file to the PLIST:

Much appreciated. When I posted my initial note about seamonkey I was embarrassed by how old my netbsd was, from May of lat year. It's been a difficult year as I am certain we are all quite tired of hearing, and saying!

One unintended consequence of my seamonkey build failure was to break the one instance of firefox I have been using with good stability: firefox68. The error was (from memory, i.e. mine) '/usr/pkg/lib/ missing'.

So I am going back to square one, approximately. My impulsivity got the better of me, AGAIN, and I began a run of pkg_rolling-replace before updating my netbsd. Oh well, it's keeping me out of the taverns which is a win/win for all concerned, if you'll pardon that personal aside.

Thank you all!


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