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Re: enable icu support by default in libxml2

Izumi Tsutsui <> writes:

>>   77 MB to process unicode, vs only 10 MB for libxml2.  Not actually a
>>   big deal, but wow!
> Just FYI (not an objection),
> It took ~8 days to build icu-64.2nb1 in 2019Q4 on
> m68k Milan (68040 25MHz, 128MB RAM) running NetBSD/atari 9.0.

Wow, that's heroic!    Actually I take your report as a clue that this
isn't so bad, as it did build.

But that's an ancient machine (from the late 90s?), so I guess the real
question is how long does icu take vs libxml2, and other things that one
needs at the same time.

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