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Re: enable icu support by default in libxml2

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> Hi!
> markd@ packaged qt5-qtwebengine for pkgsrc-wip. It needs libxml2 built
> with icu support enabled (which is an option for the libxm2 package,
> currently default-off).
> ISTR that we had other programs in the past that wanted ICU support in
> libxml2 (though I forgot the actual cases).
> Is it time to switch the default to turn on icu by default in libxml2?
> (If we don't do that, qt5-qtwebengine will need to build against its
> included libxml2, and we'll have to patch libxml2 problems/security
> issues in that code base as well.)

Two separate thoughts:

  We're going ito freeze in few days, so it doesn't seem like a good
  time to make a big change to something that has a huge reverse
  dependency footprint.  But maybe icu support is normal (in that most
  other packaging systems have it enabled), and maybe icu really does
  build everywhere libxml2 does.  If qt5-qtwebengine isn't going to be
  imported before freeze, I don't see any reason to do this now vs just
  after freeze.

  77 MB to process unicode, vs only 10 MB for libxml2.  Not actually a
  big deal, but wow!

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