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Re: math/blas on netbsd-7

On Wed, 10 Mar 2021, Greg Troxel wrote:
Stephen Borrill <> writes:

On a bootstrapped netbsd-7 installation I cannot build math/blas

I know you know this, but for the record netbsd-7 is out of support both
from NetBSD and from pkgsrc.  Therefore you should upgrade.  That said,
I get it that sometimes it is hard to upgrade.

Yes, very aware of this! This is to provide continuing support for
customer's appliances as we migrate them to 9.1. The other option would
be to free the packages for 7 in our distribution and I'd rather not do
that unless strictly necessary.

Bootstrapping isn't going to change the compiler, by default.

That explains why bootstrapping made no difference!

I nicked inspiration from Jason's build script that forces GCC 7 for all but an explicit list of packages:

.if \
    empty(PKGPATH:Marchivers/bsdtar) && \
[snip long list]

.endif  # GCC_REQD

There's probably something wrong in the toolchain in terms of search
paths and configs, and it's probably hard to figure out.

One thing I would try, but not have a lot of hope for, is to in /usr/pkg
build clang, and then bootstrap /usr/pkg2 using variables to point to
that compiler.  But it's still going to build gcc in pkg2 to get gfortran.

I didn't touch this (and setting PKGSRC_FORTRAN to g95 didn't help)

which is needed for net/nmap

At first glance, without understanding, that seems really insane, for
nmap to depend on blas.

Apparently it's a feature:

and while useful, it still seems like an incredible dependency load.
Therefore, it seems it ought to be an option.

So my advice is delete the configure line for liblinear and take out
the bl3 line and see what happens.

I converted it to an option and set PKG_OPTIONS.nmap= -liblinear on NetBSD 7, but left on for NetBSD 9.

Do you think this option is widely useful enough for me to commit? Suggestions for better name?

With this, and the GCC 7 change, all my packages built including the others that broke in the last quarter or two (libusb1 and open-vm-tools).



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