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Re: lang/erlang fails to build netbsd-9/amd64

Greg Troxel writes:
Frederic Fauberteau <> writes:
make: stopped in /usr/pkgsrc/lang/erlang

Neither my build on NetBSD 9.0 nor last Netbsd-9.0/x86_64 pbluk fails
on lang/erlang. I will try to test on the only (very slow) host I have
with NetBSD 9.1.

I had noticed a commit to fix build issues for erlang recently, but
looking at it, it seems to be about PLIST, not failure to complete the
make stage.

I updated pkgsrc at 21 1815Z February, and started a pkg_rr, and erlang
builds (pkg_rr is stil going on other things). erlang-23.2.4nb1 built ok.

Thanks for checking, but I think we can conclude that either it's fixed
or something odd happened to me.

I just successfully install lang/erlang on my NetBSD-9.1/amd64 host from a fresh pkgsrc checkout and bootstrap. I will check for the fix you mentioned.

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