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binary package for amd64 (9.0-current-2021-02-02-15.06)

As for the information on

I've updated to the version

as reported on

Current status (size) are as follows:
   morden% pwd

   morden% df -m .
   Filesystem    1M-blocks       Used      Avail %Cap Mounted on
   /dev/dk2        2662466    1437090    1092252  56% /ftp/pub/pkgsrc/packages
  morden% du -sm .9*
   39462   .9.0-current-2020-11-23-22.09
   39661   .9.0-current-2021-01-01.12.14
   39343   .9.0-current-2021-02-02-15.06
   38759   .9.0_current-2020-09-27-12.32

  are included.

Thank you,
Makoto Fujiwara
Key fingerprint = 0BFA FAEB EAD1 90BA 7498  8F85 6809 9E0B B7EF A12E
pkgsrc freshness:

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