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Re: mail/fetchyahoo: proposal to remove

Frederic Fauberteau wrote:
> doc/TODO mention fetchyahoo-2.14.0. I just locally update mail/fetchyahoo to 2.14.10. After copying /usr/pkg/share/examples/fetchyahoo/fetchyahoorc to ~/.fetchyahoorc and editing this configuration file, I get the following error message:
> Logging in securely via SSL as <my_username> on Wed Jan 27 13:07:25 2021
> Failed to fetch login page: 200 OK
> As far as I know, the development of this project is stopped and the last update is 2013-07-09. As a working alternative, mail/fetchmail works well with yahoo and the project is under active development.
> Does anyone wish to object to the removal of this package?
> Fred

I have a feeling no one will miss this package. I therefore program its removal within the week.


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