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Re: Split pkgdb

Mike Pumford <> writes:

>> My advice follows, with  the caveat that it's not tested and you should
>> pay close attention and check assumptions along the way.   This is
>> easier than it's going to sound.
> That's fine. I've got 1 relatively sacrificial system I can play
> on. Once it works on there I can then apply the same thing to the
> other 2 tangled systems ;) I may script a few things if it seems easy
> and if I do I'll share them with the list.

Great - hopefully it can help somebody else.

>> 3. Check pkg_add in /usr/sbin and /usr/pkg/sbin for version.  Make sure
>> it's 20201218, or else something old like 20191008 or 20200701.  If it's
>> 202012xx and not 1218, we should get that fixed.
>> Everything is that version and I know that when I started all the 
> pkg_install tools were pointing at the old /var/db location. This is
> why I think the compat code might not be in the pkgsrc version of
> pkg_install.

I don't understand "were pointing at".  What does pkg_add -V say?

pkg_install 20201218 has compat logic (speaking roughly, and using the
typical paths in my email) to use /var/db/pkg if /usr/pkg/pkgdb does not
exist and /var/db/pkg does.

But, the big point is to set PKG_DBDIR in all the config places.  Then
that value will be used.

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