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wine64 (WoW) installation

Hi, I recently installed wine64 on a NetBSD-9.0 system but it got stuck at two places -as far as I can recall both in the compat32 part of the installation: 1) freetype2: the substitution for build/unix/ had no effect 2) lcms2: there was a file which was not in PLIST Unfortunately, I cannot quote the errors but that's what I can recall. The 1st did not seem to make much sense as the patch seemed to have been applied so I just commented out the problematic part in the Makefile and the build went on. The 2nd one I could easily add to the PLIST. As far as I could see after the installation /usr/pkg/emul/netbsd32 got born so I pondered about if that installation would be the same if I just extracted the corresponding NetBSD release i386 sets there? Another question would be if there's a way to upgrade wine? Are the NetBSD specific patches approved by wine upstream? I mean, can I just build a newer wine myself? Thanks®ards, r0ller

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