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Re: Firefox 84.0 fails to build on aarch64


Greg Troxel <> writes:

> Benny Siegert <> writes:
>> On evbarm-aarch64 (that is, on a Pinebook Pro), Firefox 84 compile
>> fails with the following error:
> If this can't be fixed, we should consider rolling back.  The freeze
> guidelines call for not having firefox updates after 12/1:
> Of course, we'd all rather it is straightened out (within a few days at
> the most, at this point).
> From a policy viewpoint, my (non-PMC) opiniion is that  aarch64 targets
> in pkgsrc that have existed and been stable for a while are far more
> important than being really up to date with the latest apple stuff.  The
> way apple releases things (and doesn't submit fixes to all the upstreams
> ahead of time) leads to delayed support for their platform.  Their call,
> and I'm ok with support for their hardware users taking the natural
> amount of time.

Rollback to 83.0 will not help the build failure.
See: PR pkg/55825 for firefox-83.0, .

I will investigate this problem.

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