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Re: Firefox 84.0 fails to build on aarch64

Benny Siegert <> writes:

> On evbarm-aarch64 (that is, on a Pinebook Pro), Firefox 84 compile
> fails with the following error:

If this can't be fixed, we should consider rolling back.  The freeze
guidelines call for not having firefox updates after 12/1:

Of course, we'd all rather it is straightened out (within a few days at
the most, at this point).

From a policy viewpoint, my (non-PMC) opiniion is that  aarch64 targets
in pkgsrc that have existed and been stable for a while are far more
important than being really up to date with the latest apple stuff.  The
way apple releases things (and doesn't submit fixes to all the upstreams
ahead of time) leads to delayed support for their platform.  Their call,
and I'm ok with support for their hardware users taking the natural
amount of time.

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