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Re: Cannot add net/unifi into pbulk - devel/scons unresolvable

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> On Sun, Dec 13, 2020 at 03:48:30PM +0000, Roy Marples wrote:
>> Resolving...
>> Unresolvable dependencies found, exiting:  devel/scons
>> But I can manually built it fine it seems?
>> Any idea on how to solve?
> You can look in bulklog/meta/presolve for the exact pattern that can't be resolved.
> Look for 'devel/scons' and then the pattern before that.

A bunch of comments not really related to each other

  net/unifi has not been updated since 8/30.  (An update to 6 is on hold
  pending testing; there were reports of serious issues with early
  versions of 6.)    As far as I can tell it has not  been failing in
  the offical bulk builds or mef@'s build of pkgsrc-current on NetBSD
  9.  (That is not a claim that you are in error or that you didn't find
  a bug.)

  net/unifi does not dpeend on scons.  But mongodb3 does.

  mongodb3 has not been updated since February, and has only minor
  tweaks and revbumps since.   The Makefile just includes scons's, which might not be right vs DEPENDS.

  scons causes a lot of difficulty with non-bulk builds, because some
  packages need py27-scons and some need py3X-scons, and they conflict.
  With bulk builds, only the needed one is installed and thus things
  should be ok.  With pkg_roling-replace, half the scons-using packages
  fail and then you have to remove pyNN-scons and run it again.  But
  this is unlikely to be relevant to your problem.

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