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Hey there,

I've been using enlightenment for ages, and where the
x11/enlightenment has failed to compile since 2015Q3 or so... I am
happy to report the wip progress has been great!

Unlike the x11/enlightenment, the person porting chose not to break up
efl into its pieces... so I am a little uncertain how hard it would be
to have an option to pull out, say pulseaudio support.

On the other hand, where the x11/enlightenment version used to not
work on arm, the wip version works on that and aarch64, if I swap the
LuaJIT2 dependency with the wip/LuaJIT21 that has aarch64 support
(Files touched are in wip/efl, have to adjust the and
Makefiile, if I recall)... the only other stumbling block is that the
PLIST is set up with a static machine type.  I had to replace x86_64
with ${MACHINE_ARCH} there to get it to install and work.

It runs great, thanks for the port!


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