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Re: pkgsrc on openbsd 6.8

Edgar Pettijohn <> writes:

> Doubt its a good fix, but should help someone find the right solution. I
> had to re-bootstrap with ./bootstrap --abi 64 but I also changed abi 64
> to make machine_arch=amd64 instead of x86_64. After doing so I am able
> to build and install packages.
> I'm happy to test any real fixes.

See my earlier note, but it seems perhaps

  uname -p is amd64

  bootstrap regularizes that to x86_64 (which seems ok, as it means
  things in makefiles that say "if this is an x86_64 machine do X" still happen)

  pkg_install fails to do the corresponding regularization

so fixes might be one of

  when building pkg_install, have the MACHINE_ARCH substituted in and
  use that as the value to expect

  in pkg_install, when MACHINE_ARCH is amd64, behave as if it were

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