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Re: Use of PLIST.${OPSYS}

On 03.11.2020 18:46, Jonathan Perkin wrote:
* On 2020-11-03 at 17:03 GMT, Frederic Fauberteau wrote:

For now, the PLIST file contains:

There is a PLIST.FreeBSD that contains:

When I read the documentation, I understand that the package PLIST
file is generated by adding the content of the several PLIST.* files
present in the working directory. If it is correct, it sounds like
PLIST.FreeBSD is useless...

Correct, the PLIST.FreeBSD file is entirely useless.

pkglint agrees with that.  It marks the other PLIST files as useless as

In my situation, I would remove lib/* in the case of
OPSYS==FreeBSD. How could I do this?

Generally you'd do this by adding to PLIST_VARS, e.g. "objcxx",
prepend ${PLIST.objcxx} to each line in the PLIST that is conditional
on it, then in the Makefile have a section which sets PLIST.objcxx=yes
for any OS which needs it (or reverse the logic in this case).

This topic is also explained in the pkgsrc guide:

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