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Re: Updated openconnect to 8.10 (with patch)

On 5/27/20 10:09 AM, Jason Bacon wrote:
On 2020-05-25 10:51, Jason Bacon wrote:
On 2020-05-25 09:32, Louis Guillaume wrote:
On 5/22/20 10:56 AM, Jason Bacon wrote:

  SSL library:            OpenSSL
  PKCS#11 support:        no
  DTLS support:           yes
  ESP support:            yes
  libproxy support:       yes
  RSA SecurID support:    no
  PSKC OATH file support: no
  GSSAPI support:         no
  Yubikey support:        no
  LZ4 compression:        no
  Java bindings:          no
  Build docs:             no
  Unit tests:             no
  Net namespace tests:    no

Thunderbird vaporized your last response and I don't feel like digging through archives, so I'll just reply to what I recall.

The build options above are from a NetBSD installation.  On my Mac, the build options are closer to yours, but only the "Build docs" variation affects PLIST.

I looked at the configure script and it seems that the ultimate decision is based on whether groff can create UTX-8 XHTML.  pkgsrc groff can and Darwin groff apparently cannot.  There's no civilized way to disable it that I can see, so I think we'll just have to patch the configure script.  I committed a patch the unconditionally disables the HTML docs.  I don't think anyone would want them, so this is probably reasonable.

Please test and let me know if there are any remaining issues.


Hi Jason - I just encountered this again and it reminded me of this old thread! I just did an update of packages and noticed the problem in the regular net/openconnect package.

Your version (from wip) works as you describe. With groff installed via pkgsrc this openconnect package does not install the docs.

That's fine for me - but how do we accommodate the non-Darwin builds that might want/need the docs? Maybe a PKG_OPTION to turn them on and then depend on pkgsrc groff if it's Darwin? I don't know if there's a non-complicated answer here...


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