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Re: Bareos in pkgsrc / Web Console?

Matthias Petermann <> writes:

> 2) It would be good to have a "best practice" logger
> configuration. Currently Baroes cannot create its logfile in /var/log/
> due to missing permissions. According to [1] the messages should at
> least appear in the syslog. I will test this again. What would be
> useful for most users? Syslog + newsyslog configuration? Then this
> might be something for the install message.

Not for MESSAGE, which is abused to replace proper documentation, but
for the missing "admin manual" that should be in
share/doc/bareos/admin-guide.txt, and fragments in

Configuring syslog is something people installing daemons should already
know.  I'm happy to have them helped out with docs, but it's an abuse of
MESSAGE, which is for truly exceptional things.


But, for LOG_DAEMON and LOG_ERR, there is no config needed.

So probably the default config file should be patched to use syslog
normally.  syslog really is the normal and preferred approach.


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