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Re: Bareos in pkgsrc / Web Console?

Thanks for the encouraging feedback.

1 and 2 could be an oversight be me (too many reinstall tests - almost no cold installation tests) as with the many tests I remember relaxing the permissions by setting /var/run to be a publicly writable directory in the beginning. I'll see what can be improved there. Probably creating a /var/run/bareos pid dir would be useful.

I think sending messages to syslog is a sensible option IMHO as this also allows central collection of Bareos messages.

Hint: If a daemon does not start, try to start it manually with the '-t' option. That way you will usually see what the problem is (like permissions, duplicate conf files, ....).

As my time is limited nada nada .... any help is appreciated. Currently I am trying to get frr (FR routing suite - a more actively maintained quagga fork) in shape for pkgsrc.
So fixing the permission and log issue may not be instantaneous.

As for the Bareos Web Console - no, I am not working on the web console. I would be more than happy if you create a wip package - please go ahead.


On 10/27/20 11:47, Matthias Petermann wrote:
Hello Frank and pkgsrc-users,

since 2020Q3 the Bareos package is included in the pkgsrc. When I saw it for the first time in wip I was really looking forward to it. However, I have only now started to test it on NetBSD 9.1. What can I say - good work! I am glad that Bareos is now available in NetBSD and it works just fine!

I noticed a few little things which probably are no hurdle for most experienced NetBSD users. I will write them anyway - maybe as a suggestion for future revisions or discussion for applicable workarounds.

1) /var/run is by default only writable for root. Bareos can therefore not create its PID file with the bareosdir or bareossd-user and the start fails. As a workaround I made /var/run writeable for the whole world. I don't know if this is a good idea or if there is a more elegant way for this? On other systems, I had previously created a subdirectory /var/run/bareos in such cases, then made it writable for the respective users and set in the configurations of the Bareos components according to "pid directory". In NetBSD, however, /var/run seems to be emptied by default on every reboot, which surely has good reasons and makes this approach more difficult.

2) It would be good to have a "best practice" logger configuration. Currently Baroes cannot create its logfile in /var/log/ due to missing permissions. According to [1] the messages should at least appear in the syslog. I will test this again. What would be useful for most users? Syslog + newsyslog configuration? Then this might be something for the install message.

Both points make it more difficult for new users to start, because the daemons do not start for seemingly unknown reasons if you don't know about these issues. But that's only a side note and in my opinion they are all minor problems.

What I actually wanted to ask - are you by chance already working on a package of the Bareos Web Console? I ask because I just installed it from the Bareos sources, partly using the instructions from the FreeBSD port Makefile. I would build a package for it and check it into wip - but of course only if you are not yet working on it or would like to do it yourself. Can you please give me a sign for this?

Thanks & best regards


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