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Re: Problem using a second pkgsrc unprivileged

* On 2020-10-25 at 00:37 BST, Greg Troxel wrote:

> Connor McLaughlan <> writes:
> > What have i done wrong? Is is because of the prebuilt package? Do i
> > have to build all new with the new bmake?
> Probably, Probably.

Yes, yes.

>   /work/pkgsrc/packages/All;;
> If you aren't installing to /usr/pkg, you shouldn't use packages built
> for that.  In general, you can only use binary packages which are with
> identical bootstraps and from the same pkgsrc version (or along the same
> stable branch, as an exception  to "same", because we endeavor to limit
> branch changes to preserve that property).

Personally I'd like the default BINPKG_SITES to be removed from

 * Users who do not know what's going on are going to be very confused
   if they're building for a non-/usr/pkg prefix and end up with the
   wrong packages.

 * Unless you have _exactly_ the same mk.conf settings as those used
   for the official builds you may run into difficult to diagnose
   problems with incompatible dependencies.

 * It slows down builds for regular pbulks while each site is checked,
   and may result in packages being pulled in incorrectly.

 * Users who know how to use them correctly and understand all the
   risks will be comfortable with adding the sites to their mk.conf

Ordinarily I don't have any of these problems as I don't use pkgsrc on
OS that have a default list of BINPKG_SITES, but I've noticed this
recently since performing NetBSD bulk builds, and have had to add
BINPKG_SITES=#empty to all my mk.conf to avoid them.

Jonathan Perkin  -  Joyent, Inc.  -

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