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Re: gimp option for print/gutenprint-lib

Greg Troxel writes:
> Frederic Fauberteau <> writes:
>> I am installing print/gutenprint-lib on a Raspberry Pi (model 1). The
>> dependency on graphics/gimp is huge and useless in my use
>> case. Therefore I move it to an file. Do you think it is
>> acceptable to commit the patch below?
> I think so.  For me, the primary use of gutenprint is to print things
> from gimp, and I think that's fairly normal, so for binary package users
> I think it should be default on - as I see you've done.

I agree with you. The printer that I plugged on my Raspberry is supported by either a proprietary driver that can be installed on Linux/x86_64 or gutenprint. The approach that consists in testing print/gutenprint-lib seems easier for me than testing qemu or wine to make the proprietary driver working. But I tested to install print/gutenprint-lib as seen on another host and I see lang/rust as a dependency. Therefore I think it is relevant that the gimp dependency could be turned off in the context of a custom building. And I think gimp should be default on too.

> So as long as the binary package really does default to being how it is,
> with the same dependencies and configure args, I have no objections.
> Looking at your patch, I see that the dependency on gtk2 is dropped.
> While that might or might not be the right thing to do (perhaps gimp is
> gtk3), I don't think it's ok to combine changes like that with the
> option change.  So if you want to optionize, please carry the removed
> lines into the option .if without modifications.
> (I am happy to discuss whether the gtk2 include is or isn't correct, but
> you didn't bring that up.)

I just looked at the dependencies of graphics/gimp and I seen it depended on x11/gtk2. But if graphics/gimp was dependant on x11/gtk3, maybe print/gutenprint-lib should also need gtk2 for its own ui. I have no idea... And I have no objection to restore the explicit x11/gtk2 dependency.

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