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Re: gimp option for print/gutenprint-lib

Frederic Fauberteau <> writes:

> I am installing print/gutenprint-lib on a Raspberry Pi (model 1). The
> dependency on graphics/gimp is huge and useless in my use
> case. Therefore I move it to an file. Do you think it is
> acceptable to commit the patch below?

I think so.  For me, the primary use of gutenprint is to print things
from gimp, and I think that's fairly normal, so for binary package users
I think it should be default on - as I see you've done.

So as long as the binary package really does default to being how it is,
with the same dependencies and configure args, I have no objections.

Looking at your patch, I see that the dependency on gtk2 is dropped.
While that might or might not be the right thing to do (perhaps gimp is
gtk3), I don't think it's ok to combine changes like that with the
option change.  So if you want to optionize, please carry the removed
lines into the option .if without modifications.

(I am happy to discuss whether the gtk2 include is or isn't correct, but
you didn't bring that up.)

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