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Re: Expat 2.2.10 has been released

Hi Jörn,

I'm adding wiz to CC with this e-mail.

That circular dependency is known in general and is one reason, why
Expat is still shipping with two build systems today: GNU Autotools and
CMake.  There are multiple ways of addressing this issue at
packaging/distro level, each with different pros and cons:

  a) Use GNU Autotools in packaging of Expat.

  b) Make the CMake package use the Expat copy bundled by CMake.

  c) Have two CMake packagess, a bootstrapping one using bundled Expat
     and a regular one using shared libraries and system Expat.

GitHub issue 330 [1] may be of interest as well.

Does that help?



PS: Expat needs CMake >=3.1.3, CMake 2 is not sufficient.


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