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Re: Expat 2.2.10 has been released

If you happen to using CMake in packaging Expat already, please share
any pain points and issues with me so that things improve further by the
next release.

 There is now a circular dependency between these two packages:

$ ../textproc/expat> bmake
===> Installing dependencies for expat-2.2.10
=> Tool dependency cmake>=2.8.1nb1: NOT found
=> Verifying reinstall for ../../devel/cmake
=> Full dependency expat>=2.0.0nb1: NOT found
=> Verifying reinstall for ../../textproc/expat
ERROR: This package has set PKG_FAIL_REASON:
ERROR: Circular dependency detected
*** Error code 1

bmake[2]: stopped in /opt/pkgsrc/pkg-hrz/pkgsrc/textproc/expat
*** Error code 1

bmake[1]: stopped in /opt/pkgsrc/pkg-hrz/pkgsrc/devel/cmake
*** Error code 1

This is on Solaris, FWIW.

Joern Clausen

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