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Re: When should one send a PR and when not?

Hi Ottavio,

I am going to disagree with the opinions expressed here against PRs. I
find them very helpful.

The only time I find myself fixing packages reported by bulk reports is
if they break like 1000+ packages. I've tried to look at the things that
currently fail on popular platforms like NetBSD and the packages listed
there will probably not be missed if someone straight up deleted them.

Packages untouched for 10-20 years that have breakage like "not
supporting 64bit CPUs". I don't feel like my effort is best spent doing
this, so I don't try it. Unfortunately it's hard to tell an interesting
leaf package from one of those.

If I knew an actual user is interested in a package, that is a far
stronger motivation to fix it than any bulk build. I would definitely go
out of my way to fix it.

I personally don't mind the noise generated on pkg bug reports, but if
it was up to me, I'd close them automatically after a period of
inactivity. The information in them tends to be become less interesting
very quickly.

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