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When should one send a PR and when not?

I have a few packages that fail building or configuring on Debian Stretch (why I still use an obsolete Linux distro is a long story). I've given a casual look at pkgsrc-bulk@ and I've noticed that these packages also fail on non-NetBSD bulk builds with similar errors.

I'm not a "quick fire PR" kind of guy, so I asked on IRC if it was worth sending a PR for these packages. The reply I got was (recalling from memory and paraphrasing): "if the package already shows up as failed in the bulk build logs AND you're not providing a patch, there's not much point submitting a PR".

I totally get this point and I totally get that non-NetBSD builds may have a lower priority and I surely don't want to make the developers' lives harder than it is.

However, I did, in the recent past, submit PRs, without offering patches, for packages that were known to fail and, in most cases, this led to a quick and positive resolution of the issue.

I'd like to hear your brutal and honest opinion on this topic.

In any case, would it be worth adding a reminder that one should also look at the public build logs before submitting a PR?

Ottavio Caruso

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