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diskless -current/amd64, entropy, and meson

I seem to recall a thread on this, possibly with other tools involved,
but on a diskless (netboot/NFSroot) -current (9.99.73) amd64 host,
packages building with 'meson' get stuck in WCHAN="entrop".

So far, building "devel/orc", "devel/gdbus-codegen" and "devel/mm-common"
get stuck, presumedly because there is insufficient entropy to satisfy

The host in question normally runs 9.0_STABLE from local disk and had
no problem rebuilding packages during the recent freeze for pkgsrc-2020Q3.
It runs -current disklessly although still using the on-disk swap partition
and some data partitions on local disk.  "/tmp" is on tmpfs.

Any thoughts on this?  How to inject/generate more entropy?

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