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kermit on macos (failure, workaround)

By default, comms/kermit has the kerberos option disabled, and the ssl
option enabled.  On macos, this results in building the macos10.6+ssl
target, which doesn't exist, because it has only macos10.6 and
macos10.6+kerberos+ssl (well, it's much more complicated but that's the
essence for this issue).

So I enabled kerberos, and got the "implicit declaration" error, even
though I am on 10.13 with not-recent CommandLineTools.

I disabled ssl, and then it built.

I'll see if upstream has anything new, and perhaps fix the kerberos
issue, and if not perhaps default ssl to off on mac.

If anyone has advice, better ideas, or wants to volunteer to fix this,
please let me know.

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