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Re: strange trouble building qgis

Thomas Klausner <> writes:

> I tried on -current with latest pkgsrc and it doesn't build for me in
> the same way.

Thanks.  That at least shows it isn't me.

> The file is added to the build here:
> src/core/CMakeLists.txt:
> FILE(GLOB JSON_HELP_FILES "${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/resources/function_help/json/*")

and there is something about extra $ if it isn't a ninja build, which
seems to be a different build system that cmake somehow supports.

> cmake was last updated on August 22, perhaps the update broke it.
> If you have an old version lying around, try that and/or contact cmake upstream.

Thanks for the pointer.  The commit messages for the updates don't
mention $ qouting or bsd make.

I am rebuilding cmake from pkgsrc from 8/20, before the 3.18.2 update.
I might not have rebuilt qgis since the 7/31 update to 3.18.1.  Before
that it was 3.17.3, since 5/31.

(I'd like to be clear that I am not complaining that cmake was updated;
7/31 is a great time for a non-micro update, and 3.18.2 is a micro
update.  This is simply an issue that the world is too complicated!)

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