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Re: strange trouble building qgis

12.09.2020 02:40:26 Greg Troxel <>:

> geography/qgis used to build ok (on netbsd-8 amd64).  There were a bunch
> of udpates to dependencies and thus pkg_rr was trying to rebuild it.
> Now it fails because in:
> work/qgis-3.10.7/build/src/core/CMakeFiles/qgis_core.dir/build.make
> there is a dependency expressed on a doc file:
> src/core/qgsexpression_texts.cpp: ../resources/function_help/json/$$$$area
> but the file is $area (one $ in the filesystem), so there should only
> be two in the makefile.  But there are four, and it thus fails to find
> $$area, and the build fails.  Changing $$$$ to $$ results in a
> successful build.

How does CMake detect the "current make implementation", in particular whether it is GNU make or BSD make?

NetBSD's make indeed needs 4 dollars to work, which can be seen in src/usr.bin/make/unit-tests/ GNU make only needs 2 dollars.

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