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Re: zabbix 5.0.3 in pkgsrc-wip

Yuuki Enomoto <> writes:

> Thank you for your work! I'll test it later on NetBSD 9.0.
> In my mind, the remaining tasks around Zabbix 5.0 are:
>   1. Provide zabbix50-agent2 package (Golang)
>   2. Provide zabbix50-java package   (Java)

Those sound like nice to have, but I don't think we should insist on
them being done before importing.

>   3. Pass build in NetBSD-current
> (3) And, NetBSD 9.0 and NetBSD-current has difference around
> way about taking network interface metrics as far as I can tell.
> Is it NetBSD kernel problem or Zabbix problem?

I usually take the position that if you can take the upstream tarball
and follow the upstream build instructions and it works, then whatever
problem there is is a pkgsrc problem.  If you have to patch upstream's
code to build and work outside of pkgsrc, it's an upstream problem.
(Unless upstream relies on POSIX and NetBSD is buggy w.r.t. POSIX, but
that doesn't make sense in the context of getting network information.)

I think we should be trying to fix upstream problems upstream, and carry
those fixes in pkgsrc temporarily, whenever feasible.

I would guess that in this case upstream doesn't have code for netbsd-current.

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