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Re: zabbix 5.0.3 in pkgsrc-wip

Thank you for your work! I'll test it later on NetBSD 9.0.

In my mind, the remaining tasks around Zabbix 5.0 are:

  1. Provide zabbix50-agent2 package (Golang)
  2. Provide zabbix50-java package   (Java)
  3. Pass build in NetBSD-current

(1 and 2) I have to study how to create Golang/Java application
package...  Where is good example?

(3) And, NetBSD 9.0 and NetBSD-current has difference around
way about taking network interface metrics as far as I can tell.
Is it NetBSD kernel problem or Zabbix problem?

Best regards,

On Thu, Sep 10, 2020 at 09:30:29PM +0200, Juraj Lutter wrote:
> Hi,
> I have made a notable progress with zabbix 5.0, it is now in pkgsrc-wip master branch.
> It have been tested on SmartOS and NetBSD 9.0 and it would be nice if more people
> can give it a try, so we can progress to import into pkgsrc.
> Any feedback is more than welcome.
> Thanks.
> otis

Yuuki Enomoto <>
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