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Re: Question about failed to start Zabbix server 5.0 (pkgsrc-wip)

I have solved this problem and will test it on all platforms I have available.

It required systematic inspection of source code and rewriting the most critical
parts to not allocate the structures from the stack statically.

After rewriting some functions to zbx_malloc() instead of static allocation,
it started to work like a charm.

Will keep you posted once I commit my work to pkgsrc-wip.


Juraj Lutter
XMPP: juraj (at)
GSM: +421907986576

> On 19 Aug 2020, at 11:20, Yuuki Enomoto <> wrote:
> In my environment (NetBSD 9 stable/amd64), backtrace hasn't been shown.
> I installed latest wip/zabbix50-server package (7f5ef15f). But I've
> never seen backtrace like it.

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