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Re: Question about failed to start Zabbix server 5.0 (pkgsrc-wip)


> On 17 Aug 2020, at 14:52, Yuuki Enomoto <> wrote:
> Hello,
> In Aug 8, I committed zabbix50-* packages to pkgsrc-wip repository.
> These packages could build in NetBSD 9.0 amd64, but Zabbix server
> has problem that failed to starting with this log:
> "cannot remove shared memory for self-monitoring collector: [22] Invalid
> argument"
> This error happen in these lines in Zabbix (src/libs/zbxself/selfmon.c).
>        if (-1 == shmctl(shm_id, IPC_RMID, 0))
>        {
>                zabbix_log(LOG_LEVEL_WARNING, "cannot remove shared memory for self-monitoring collector: %s",
>                                zbx_strerror(errno));
>        }
> Is it NetBSD specific issue? I read shmctl(2) but I have no idea why
> failed the system call.
> Thank you,
> P.S. Thank you otis@ for fix some issues. I found your commit in Git log.

I will look on it as I am polishing some rough edges because I plan to deploy
it in a large scale soon.

Thanks for bringing this up.


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