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Re: pkgsrc on OpenBSD

[Hoping this will get to the list, as it appears my posts via Thunderbird are moderated]

On 29/08/2020 01:28, Greg Troxel wrote:

I think it means that pkgsrc is confusing the values of arch and/or
machine arch.

A quick look at all "arch" strings in my bootstrap log on OpenbBSD 6.6:

===> running: (cd /home/oc/cvs/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/bmake && /bin/sh configure --prefix=/home/oc/cvs/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work --with-default-sys-path=/home/oc/cvs/pkgsrc/bootstrap/work/share/mk --with-machine-arch=x86_64 )


checking for MACHINE & MACHINE_ARCH...
defaults: MACHINE=amd64, MACHINE_ARCH=amd64
Using: MACHINE=amd64, MACHINE_ARCH=x86_64


Is this what it should be?

Then it appears bmake is broken:

oc@OpenBSD:~/cvs/pkgsrc/bootstrap$ /usr/pkg/bin/bmake show-var VARNAME=MACHINE
malloc() warning: unknown char in MALLOC_OPTIONS
bmake: don't know how to make show-var. Stop

bmake: stopped in /home/oc/cvs/pkgsrc/bootstrap

Maybe just me? This was reported here:

Then, in the pkgsrc guide:

"PLIST will be preprocessed before actually used, and the symbol ???${MACHINE_ARCH}??? will be replaced by what uname -p gives."


oc@NetBSD:/home/oc$ uname -p


oc@OpenBSD:~$ uname -p

Is this what causes the problem, or am I looking in the wrong place?

Ottavio Caruso

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