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Re: pkgsrc current rust build failure NetBSD 9-STABLE/i386

On 06/08/2020 10:32, nia wrote:

It looks like the code that sets RPATH in lang/rust/Makefile hardcodes
/usr/pkg/lib (argh, why!?) instead of either relying on $PREFIX or
copying the bootstrap dependencies into a local directory (as the
"SmartOS" path does), which would hurt if you're using pkgsrc OpenSSL
with a different $PREFIX than /usr/pkg.

Won't help. I'm not useing pkgsrc openssl as on 9.x the openssl is at the same level as the one in pkgsrc anyway so its pointless to install. The catch here is that the rust bootstraps are built on 8.x where pkgsrc openssl IS required. Even if the prefix was different it wouldn't help.

On 8.2 the pkgsrc libssl vervsion is
On 9.x the builtin libssl version is

Both are openssl 1.1.1g

So unless something funky is done with symlinks this rust bootstrap isn't going to work on 9.x with builtin openssl and I really don't want to go down the road of building all my packages with pkgsrc ssl just because of the rust bootstrap (that doesn't even get installed at the end of the process).


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