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Re: pkgsrc current rust build failure NetBSD 9-STABLE/i386

On Wed, Aug 5, 2020 at 6:56 PM Mike Pumford <> wrote:
> Failing with:
> /work/.buildlink/share/pkgconfig
> PKG_CONFIG_LOG=/comp/obj/pkgsrc/lang/rust/work/.pkg-config.log
> PKG_CONFIG_PATH= KRB5_CONFIG=/usr/bin/krb5-config
> CWRAPPERS_CONFIG_DIR=/comp/obj/pkgsrc/lang/rust/work/.cwrapper/config
> sh -c "if [ \"build\" = \"dist\" ]; then  unset DESTDIR;  fi;
> /usr/pkg/bin/python3.7 ./ -v build -j 1"
> running: /comp/obj/pkgsrc/lang/rust/work/rust-bootstrap/bin/cargo build
> --manifest-path
> /comp/obj/pkgsrc/lang/rust/work/rustc-1.44.1-src/src/bootstrap/Cargo.toml
> --frozen
> /comp/obj/pkgsrc/lang/rust/work/rust-bootstrap/bin/cargo: Shared object
> "" not found
> Traceback (most recent call last):
> An up to date compat80 package is installed but at a guess this won't
> provide a as thats the version produced by the 8.x pkgsrc
> openssl package.
> Any idea how to satisfy this dependency or can we no longer use 8.x
> bootstraps for 9.x. The amd64 build I do is getting away with this as it
> is currently defaulting to rust-bin. Is that needed for i386 on 9.x as well?
> This is clean chroot environment created freshly for the build.
> Mike

Had similar problem on sparc64, but the other way around. The
dependencies to both compat80 and openssl are missing.
Also rust seems to behaves strangely before either libssl  is
installed and asks for different libssl versions after each step.

See here:


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